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Are you the host of a podcast who is looking to step up your game? Then Rich Hart Global Studios has the perfect set up for you and your guests. Forget the complaints about your audio quality or the constant need to buy new equipment, at our studios, we offer only the latest equipment, and we’ll perform the set up for you!

Guests and Co-Hosts
Our podcast studio can seat 4 hosts and guests, while our podcast theater can seat 8. In both studios, all your hosts and guess will have dedicated microphones, outlet plugs and plenty of parking available right in front of our building!

Audio, Video & Live
Looking to take your podcast live or to include video? We have all the tech and gear you will need to do so. Our podcast studios are equipped with cameras so that you can also record your podcast in video and even stream it to your audience live. You’ll be able to interact with them, receive live calls and see their responses on our large screens, making their experience even more engaging.

Client Review

Featured Testimonial

“Rich Hart Studios is a great place to record, teach, and learn. They have a wide variety of services such as: a professional space to record your podcast, a stage and professional lighting to lecture and communicate with students in their interactive lectures… The space is much larger than I expected and the staff is always friendly and willing to help you feel comfortable within the space.”


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Podcast Studio / Podcast Theater

Booking REquest

Booking Policies: We require a non-refundable 25% deposit to make the reservation. All bookings must be paid in full a week before the event date. Larger groups may incur an extra fee. All checks should be made out to Rich Hart Global Inc. 


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