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Color Correction & Final Editing

Our color correction and final editing studio is the perfect facility to give your project the polish and professional touch that will help it stand out. Our experienced team has been at the forefront of color correction since 2010, and we are well equipped to give you the results you need. We can perform all tasks required to complete your project, such as mixing audio, editing video, color correcting and more. From creating accurate color representations that are consistent throughout your project, we  will help your creative vision come to fruition so your audience can experience it just how you want them to.

Our studios were built with you in mind, and in order to give you the best opportunity to review your project, you will be in a studio equipped with calibrated OLED HDR displays and Dolby ATMOS surround sound, so that you know exactly how your project will look and sound.

Color correction Tools

Cutting edge tech

Our studios are equipped with the latest and greatest in color correction technology. Our team will grade your project using OLED HDR monitors that are calibrated to broadcast specs. After your project is complete, you will be able to review it using our 77″ OLED HDR TV – a screen calibrated to broadcast specs and large enough that you can see every little detail in your film. What’s best, you will also have the option of viewing your video with our Bias light to help your eyes adjust to the color warmth so that you can make an accurate assessment of how your video will be experienced.

Final Editing

Final editing

Whether you’re creating a short film, corporate video, educational content or any other type of video, editing your project’s audio and video can have a profound impact on how your audience experiences it. At Rich Hart Global, we understand the importance of creating work that stands out from the competition. We are equipped with best-in-class software tools that enable our expert editors to take your project to the next level. They will create professional-grade video and audio content that is polished, engaging, and that you can be proud of.

Color Correction & Final Editing Studio

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From editing video, audio or color correcting a film, we can make your project go exceed your expectations. Explore the gallery below to get a glimpse of our studios.  

color correction & final editing

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