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Our Studios

flexible spaces that fit your need

Studio A

The Radio Station

Studio B

Podcast Theater

Studio C

Broadcast Studio

Studio D

Main Stage

Studio E

Production & Voiceover


Take your podcast to the next level

Looking for a way to stand out from other podcasts? Struggling with the technical setup or handling bulky equipment? Then let that be a thing of the past. Come into Rich Hart Global Studios and give your audience a silky smooth, high-quality podcast.

The right equipment

State-of-the-art audio and video equipment available to you with a dedicated staff member to assist with your setup

The right space 

Plenty of room and the right set up for you to record with your cohost, to bring guests in or even for an audience!

Designed by a speaker for speakers

Built with a purpose

Rich Hart is a world renowned speaker and entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has spoken at hundreds of venues around the world. When it came time to find a space that met his needs, Rich wanted to go beyond, so he created Rich Hart Global Studios. Rich spared no expense to design state-of-the-art studios that can be used for everything from podcasts to workshops to networking events. 

Client Review

Featured Testimonial

Rich and every single member of the Rich Hart Team have been the epitome of pleasant, professionalism; you’ve provided great memories of my first experience!


Square Feet


Studio spaces

Event Space

the perfect spot for your next event

Our flexible spaces can host a series of events and gatherings. We can host up to 150 people for larger events, but we can also create more intimate settings for smaller groups, allowing them to take full advantage of our space.